Access Levels are an awesome feature where you can limit Users to certain Apps and Pages on your website. When a person registers on your site you will be able to set them to a certain level.  

Creating the Access Level

To create a custom Access Level go into the backend of Yovigo. There you will select the Settings icon on your Launchpad. 

This will take you to your Settings page. Within this page there will be a series of Tabs at the top, go ahead and select the 'Advanced' tab. 

Once on the Advanced page make sure to select 'Manage' next to Access Levels. On the top part of this page you will be able to create New Levels. Please note that there will be levels that are pre-set, these include 'Guest' and 'Registered'. 'Guests' are anyone that come onto your site, 'Registered' will be anyone that creates an account and registers within your site. If you choose to 'Add User Level' this will appear under the 'New Level Name' field.


With the new level you will now be able to set access to your apps and pages. Below this field you will see a list of your Applications. 

Adding Access Levels to Applications

For each application you will be able to toggle the access you would like to set and then click 'Allow Access'. 

The access level will show under 'Allowed Users' to the right of the application toggle. Now your application is set for only those users to view. 

You will now need to set access to the level you just created through Menus.  

Menus with Access Levels for Users to Navigate to Applications & Pages 

Select 'Menus' underneath the 'Website' tab. Select the menu you want to set your Access Level. Once on that Menu page you will notice that every navigation item has two new buttons to the right of the title. 

The 'Public' button implies that everyone on the internet will be able to click on this link. If you select 'Access Levels' next to the 'Public' button you will be able to change the access level of the link item. A modal will appear where you can change the access to whatever level you choose and select done.

You will then notice that 'Public' button will no longer be on the link. 

Setting Users to Access Levels

Once a User has registered you will be able to set them to the Access Level you created. Do this by going to 'Orders' within the backend of Yovigo and select Customers. Once on the customer page search for the customer you wish to add to the access level. Click on that user and you will see a button labeled 'Set Access Level'. 

A modal will then appear where you will be able to check on the appropriate access level for that User.