When adding products to your website you want to consider the structure and organization of your store. Within Yovigo, you are able to link your products via Vendors and Categories with your menus as well as add features through the Form Magic and Product Magic Applications. So it is very important to organize your store wisely. 

To explain Vendors and Categories think of a department store. Within the store there are various departments like Jewelry, Shoes, Home and Clothing, these overall departments should be considered as your Vendors. With Categories think of the different parts of that department, like for the Jewelry Department you will have, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. With this setup Categories should be a little more specific. 

Overall, you are able to add as many Categories and Vendors as you would like. However, we cannot stress enough to organize your store products prior to adding them into your website so it becomes an easier process for your customers to find what they want and purchase.