The Spotify App allows you to embed track available on Spotify onto your website. 

Once you have installed the app, from the LaunchPad navigate to the "Apps" section on the menu bar, and select Spotify.

Open a new window and go to and log in. Search for the track you want to embed. You can embed up to 10 songs on one page. 

First, on the app setting page, enter a page title, your page content, and select the number of tracks you want to embed, then save. This will give you more fields for the number of track you want to use.

 Enter the title of the song in the space provided. Then, in Spotify, select the song, and click on the elipse on the right.

Choose "Copy Song URL"

Paste the URL into the space provided. In the next field, enter just the last part of the URL, that comes after the back slash. This is the song URI.

Do this for each track you want to include on the page. 

Don't forget to SAVE!

For more information on the Spotify Application view our Marketplace