From the App menu, hover over the ProductMagic icon, and click "App Settings"

Click "+New Form" and title your form. It will then appear on the main App Settings page for ProductMagic.

Click "Edit" next to the new form.

Choose the product category and vendor to which you want to attach the form. You MUST choose and product category AND a vendor. If you do not have categories or vendors, click the blank radio button, and the form will attach to all of your products. 

When you're ready to start making your form click "+ Element" in the top right corner. From the drop down, choose what kind of element you would like to create. A name for example, would go into a text input. You can also input HTML, should you choose to. To separate your forms into sections, use HTML header commands to add headings at the beginning of each section.

Label your element, and click "Add Element". Once you've added an element you can edit it, or make it required. Forms with required fields won't be submitted until those fields are completed. If you use radio buttons, check boxes, drop down menus, or any elements with multiple choices, you will need to add them using the "Add Options" function in the edit box.

Once you have entered all of your elements, you can preview your form by going to the product on your website. 

FormMagic will allow you to create as many forms as you like on a single site.

For more information on the Product Magic Application view our Marketplace