You can use Analytics to track a variety of web-based content.

    Tracking multiple websites

    • Google Analytics will track as many websites as you own! We've provided multiple reporting views in your account, so that you can view individual reports for specific domains or sub-domains.
    • Tracking your blog, MySpace or Facebook pages
      To use Google Analytics to track your pages on Facebook, MySpace, WordPress or other solutions, we recommend that you search for 3rd-party widgets that simplify the Analytics set up for pre-defined site templates. You may not be able to use Analytics on sites where you cannot edit the page code (such as on MySpace, for example). However, in most cases you will be able to find plug-ins or widgets that will help you use Analytics in your page.
    • Tracking visits from RSS feeds
      In order for Google Analytics to track data, it is necessary that the Google Analytics tracking code gets executed. Since most RSS/atom readers cannot execute JavaScript, Analytics will not count pageviews that are loaded through an RSS reader. Analytics requires that the visitor execute a JavaScript file on Google's servers in order to track that page view.
    • Using Analytics with other web analytics solutions
      You can run Google Analytics in parallel with any third-party or internal solution that you've already deployed

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