From the App menu, hover over the YoReviews icon, and click on "App Settings"

In "Page Heading" enter the heading you want to appear at the top of the page, if any. In "Page Content" enter the copy you would like to appear above the reviews, if any.

If you are going to upload photos, you can turn on photo animation, and the photos will spin when someone's cursor is hovering above them.

 Select the number of reviews you would like to appear on the page from the drop down, and select how you want them ordered from the "Ordering" drop down.

Enter the reviews individually in the fields provided. You can enter a name, organization, link to their website, and attach a picture to each review.

YoReviews can be installed multiple times for each page of reviews you would like.

For more information on the YoReviews Application view our Marketplace