When customizing your theme, don't forget to SAVE FREQUENTLY!

Once you've installed the theme, go to your theme settings, and 
 upload your logo, favicon and "Add to Cart" button using the form provided.

Under "Navigation" select a menu to serve as your Main Menu, your Footer Menu, and your Category Menu. If you don’t want a Category Menu, choose “None.” You can choose from menus you have already created..

Choose the color scheme you would like to use.

Under “Slider” choose whether or not to include a slideshow at the top of your home page. The slider for Riviera is very unique, in that it has text overlays for all of the slides. You can have up to 3 slides.

First you want to gather your images. You will need three main background images. The ideal image size is 1269px x 452px.

Next, choose your slide text color. This is the text that will appear over the slides, so choose a color that will be easily visible on top of your images.

Then, enter the slide content. You can use the text box tools to change the font color or background color.

Name your action button, and give it a link.

In “Homepage Content Block” enter the content you want to appear on the home page under the slideshow.

Choose if you want to include a Product Blocks, and choose a title for the product grid. If you want to include content below the title, and above the grid, enter it in “Product Content Text.” Choose how many product block you want to show, and from what category.

You can turn an additional Product Slider, which will appear at the bottom of the page.

In the “Footer” section. You can add your copyright information.

Under "Custom CSS" you can include a block of custom CSS, should you choose to do so.