When customizing your theme, don't forget to SAVE FREQUENTLY!

Once you've installed the theme, go to your theme settings, and upload your logo, favicon and "Add to Cart" button using the form provided.

Under "Navigation" select a menu to serve as your Main Menu, your Footer Menu, and your Category Menu. If you don’t want a Category Menu, choose “None.” You can choose from menus you have already created.

Choose what you want the Delivery, Returns, and Support icons to say.

Choose the color scheme you would like to use.

Choose the style of drop down you would like on your main menu, if you have menu items with parent links.

Under “Special Offer Boxes” choose whether or not to show special offer boxes on the home page. They will appear at the top of the age, or under the slideshow if you have one.

Under “Slider” choose whether or not to include a slideshow at the top of your home page. The slider for Mesa is very unique, in that it is interactive. It may take a little time to set up, but the result is amazing. Use transparent .png files for all overlay images.

  • First you want to gather your images. You will need three main background images and several “overlay” images.
  • The first slide will show the background image first, then have the “overlay” images (1, 2, Tag) slide in from the right with the "Tag" image appearing in the center toward the top. Use a transparent .png file for your overlay images. The “Content Header” will slide in from the left. Write your Header, and Content Text in the space provided. There are 2 action buttons on the first slide that will link to other pages. Enter the titles and links in the space provided.
  • Slide 2 will feature the background image first, then 3 overlay images with tags. Upload transparent .png files for the images (1, 3, 5 enter lower; 2, 4, 6 enter higher). These will come in from the left. Overlay Image Pop Up will come in from the bottom, left of center.
  • The Third Slide will have all three overlay images (First, Second, Last)come in from the bottom in that order, and the Header and Content text slide in from the left above the Overlay Images. Don’t forget to use transparent .png files.

Under “Product Blocks” Choose if you want product boxes, with links, on your homepage. You can set the number of blocks, and choose the category of product you want to display.

Choose if you want to include a Product Slider under the blocks. This will show your products in a continual slider.

Under "Product Page" enter the Heading you would like on your search page (the mage where all your products are displayed)

Under "Thank You Page" you can customize the page your customers will be directed to after they complete a purchase.

In the “Footer” section. You can add content stacks. Enter the content in the fields provided, and you can preview by clicking “Save” and “View Website.”

Under "Custom CSS" you can include a block of custom CSS, should you choose to do so.