When customizing your theme, don't forget to SAVE FREQUENTLY!

Once you've installed the theme, go to your theme settings, and 
upload your logo, favicon and "Add to Cart" button using the form provided.

Choose a color for your email header. This will appear, along with your logo, on any emails you send to your customer using Yovigo. 

Under “Header Customization” you can choose the specifics of your header. Tmber is unique in that you can have a fixed header, so even when people scroll down on the page, your header will remain visible. Choose whether or not you want “Cart” and “Login” buttons on the header, and choose if you want them on the left and right. Choose if you want your Logo and Navigation Bar to be on the left, right, or center of the page. Then, choose if you want the header to be “Fixed” or not. If you turn the “Header Fixed Opacity” on, your header will become slightly transparent when people scroll down. Choose the header break line style. 

Under “Header Colors” choose the colors you want your Header Bar and Break Line to be. If you turn the “Header Content Box” on, the content will appear in the header between your Logo and Navigation Bar. Be careful not to put too much content in this box if you have the “Fixed Header” turned on, as it will take up more of your page, and might mask your website. 
If you turn “Social Block” on, social media buttons will appear on your Header. You can enter links to all your social media pages in the fields provided. 

Under "Navigation" select a menu to serve as your Main Menu and your Footer Menu. If you don’t want a Category Menu, choose “None.” 
You can choose from menus you have already created.

Under “Navigation Colors” choose the colors you want to use on your Navigation Menus.

Under “Colors and Fonts” you will cultivate the way your theme looks. When choosing colors, hover is the color an element will turn when a cursor is hovering over it.

Body- The main background color of your site.
Footer- The bottom bar of your website, where the footer menu appears. 
Primary Button- Buttons you might include on your site, such as an Add to Cart or Checkout button.
Link- Any links you might include on your site, or tag attached to your products, blogs or other app items.

Choose the fonts you would like to use. You can browse the available fonts by clicking the link under the drop down.

Main Font- Titles, Headings, Links
Secondary Font- Product names and descriptions
Body/Navigation Font- Main body text and copy, Top and Side Menu.

Under "Homepage Slider and Content choose whether or not to include a slideshow at the top of your home page. Choose the animation and upload the photos (1000px x 500px) you want to use in your main side show. If you want the photos to link to another page when someone clicks on it, put the link in the form provided. You can include content on your slideshow by turning “Show Slide Text” on, and entering the text in the field provided. The “Slide Text Color” will be the background color for the text you enter.

In the Homepage Content Editor enter your main homepage content. This will appear as the main text on your homepage, under your slideshow.

Under "Product Page" choose whether or not you want social share icons on. If so, enter the text you want to appear next to them to encourage your customers to share. Choose if you would like to show similar products (these will be products with like tags or categories). 

Choose how many products to show, and enter the text you would like to use.
Under “Homepage Blocks” Choose if you want boxes, with links, on your homepage. You can set the number of columns and the number of blocks. It’s usually best to keep them divisible. So, if you have 4 columns, you would want 4, 8 or 12 blocks. If you have 6 columns, you would want 6, 12 or 18 blocks. Upload the photos you would like to use, and set the links.

Under the Homepage Blocks, you can include more content, if you like. 

You can add social media blocks to your homepage, as well. Turn the “Social Media Widget Block” on to display your recent posts on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Follow the instructions to get your widgets, and enter your information in the fields provided.

You can add four testimonials to your home page, if you like. Enter the name, company or location, and the review or testimonial. 

You can add a second slider to the bottom of your page. This will function like the top slider, but it is much smaller. We recommend using pictures no larger that 200 px wide by 100 px tall on this slider. Upload your photos, and set your links in the fields provided.

In the “Footer Content Block” section. You can add more content to your Footer Menu. Enter your Content in the fields provided.

Under Blog Customization, you can add a header image and title to your blog page.

Under "Thank You Page" you can customize the page your customers will be directed to after they complete a purchase. 

Under "Custom CSS" you can include a block of custom CSS, should you choose to do so.