When customizing your theme, don't forget to SAVE FREQUENTLY!

In the 'Navigation' section of your theme settings, you can set the navigation menu you'd like to use and toggle the 'Cart' and 'Login' links on and off.

To customize the images at the top of each page, go to the 'Page Heading Images' section in your theme settings. Here you can set images for all the pages on your website including individual images for apps.

You can customize the titles and phrasing in the theme by navigating to the 'Heading Titles' section of your theme settings.

The 'Colors' section lets you pick a color scheme for your theme.

The 'Content Blocks' section lets you customize blocks of content such as footer text using the text editor.

If you include your social media links in the 'Social Media' section, icons will be added to the bottom of your site for all links provided. If you'd like a link hidden, simply clear the value for that social network in this section.

The 'Homepage Content' section lets you supply your own content above and below the portfolio boxes. In addition you upload images and provide links for each portfolio box or hide them altogether.