When customizing your theme, don't forget to SAVE FREQUENTLY!

Once you've installed the theme, go to your theme settings, and upload your logo, favicon and "Add to Cart" button using the form provided.

Choose a color for your email header. This will appear on any emails you send to your customer using Yovigo.

Under "Navigation" select a menu to serve as your Main Menu that will appear at the top of your page. You can choose from menus you have already created.

Under "Look and Feel" select what theme style you would like to use. You can preview these styles by choosing one, saving, and clicking the "View Storefront" on the top right.

You can upload a background image if you wish.

Under "Homepage" choose the style of animation you want your slideshow to use. Upload the photos you want to use in your main slide show.

Choose if you want the main slideshow on or off.

Choose if you want a category product grid or not. Turning the product grid on will cause your products to appear in a grid on the home page. You can select the number of "Category Blocks" or products, that appear, and whether or not you want to include new products or featured products.

Choose whether or not you want to display your latest tweets (Twitter) and pins (Pinterest) on your home page.

In the "Homepage Content Block", write the main content of your home page.

Under "Product Page" choose whether or not you want social share icons on. If so, enter the text you want to appear next to them to encourage your customers to share.

Under "Thank You Page" you can customize the page your customers will be directed to after they complete a purchase.

Under "Social Media" enter your Twitter handle and Pinterest username.

Under "Custom CSS" you can include a block of custom CSS, should you choose to do so.